Our focus is the human being we want to be.

The carl institute for human future is dedicated to exploring the future for human beings in the living and working environments of the coming years. The work of the institute is fueled by our scientific future research.

Our impulse is your inspiration: from sparring in a private circle to the big keynote at your employee or customer event.

Your development is our goal. We provide custom-tailored support for the development of organizations. Systemic organizational development creates sustainable growth in your team, your organization, and your company.

Exponential change has long been a reality: The comprehensive interconnection of our living and working environments, the rise in the quantity and quality of available data, the explosive expansion of expertise, the performance power of AI systems, pioneering knowledge in genetics and neurology – the list only starts here. A future picture of life, work, and collaboration is emerging that is very different from the one we know today.

We are on the threshold of the human age. Digitalization forces us to make far-reaching transformation while – and at the same time – giving us tools that can make work more human: 100% human – or why not even a bit more? The journey is an exciting one – we would love to share it with you!