With our keynotes, we fascinate and inspire at your event. Michael Carl speaks about what awaits us in the future. On target. 100% future. Business models for your tomorrow. The findings of our in-house future research offer sound orientation for the way ahead.

As futurists, we are persuaded: In our society, we don’t talk about the future often – or substantially – enough. The keynotes by Michael Carl give the future a voice, expand the horizons of the imaginable, and win listeners over to start shaping their own futures.

Examples are available on our YouTube channel.

One more thing that distinguishes our keynotes: Our spotlight is on the human being. We are convinced: It is the human being who makes the difference. Only we ourselves can take the future in our hands.

We see our keynotes as an invitation to precisely this kind of dialogue, and we invite you to discuss the driving forces behind your industry with us! We highlight, entertainingly and close to everyday reality, the technological changes waiting around the corner and what consequences they will have for our life and work.

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“Mr. Carl spoke at our annual general meeting on the topic “Customers 2030 – A  dialogue with many strangers.” His exceptionally competent and persuasive presentation on life and work in the future touched the audience deeply. Any existing doubts about the feasibility of implementing various digital developments were swept away after the speech.”  Michael Scheiber / BÄKO Region Stuttgart eG / Managing Director

“With his inspiring presentation on the working environments of the future, futurist Michael Carl inspired participants while at the same time provoking serious thought. He presented a vivid, fascinating picture based on his accurate analyses and research work.” Alexandra Russo / DATEV eG / Expositions and External Events

“Michael Carl constructs visions and future scenarios logically and analytically. This may not make them a reality in itself, but it does make them a whole lot more realistic. The future is nothing to be afraid of. After listening to a speech by Michael Carl, you will find yourself looking forward to the future, because it’s something you can’t stop from happening anyway.” Gabriela Schöne / steinkuehler-com

Speech at the Faba Innovation Night in June 2019 on life and work in 2030.