With our upcoming publications, we aim for a constructive dialogue about the future – not about a far-off, anonymous future; it’s about the future we want to shape for ourselves.

A utopia? Certainly – because we must see shaping our futures from the perspective of the possible and not primarily as a mere extension of today’s living environments. Realistic? Just as certainly! This dialogue dares to ask the question: What future do we really want to see become a reality?

This impetus is born of two impressions which are contradictory only at first glance. Our society is significantly marked by longing for a clear future picture. The magnetic attraction of simple answers is just as symptomatic of this as the withdrawal into hermetic filter bubbles. 

The second observation: We aren’t holding a dialogue about the future, at least not sufficiently. And yet every one of us carries our personal future picture within us – possibly several of them: some worth striving for, some less so. Envisioned, perceived, felt, far too seldom fully formulated and shared, and even more rarely incorporated into a constructive dialogue that can enable us to shape our futures actively and responsibly.


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