We share your company’s development journey with you. Fast and professional, personal and tailored to your needs – with a systemic approach, of course!

Projects that we have supported, accompanied, and moderated within the last few months include:

  • The development of a company’s leadership and decision-making culture toward more autonomy and proactive participation
  • The transformation of corporate culture and sense of purpose
  • The forming and development of teams and team roles using technology solutions as a foundation
  • Mediation and conflict resolution
  • Moderation for large groups
  • Inspirational workshops for executive teams
  • Coaching for company leaders

The themes of mindset and company culture constantly prove to be the defining elements in our work. The phenomenon is well-documented: “That’s not how we do it here” has the potential to block every new idea. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – obviously. Those who fail to realize, collectively and individually, what is repeatedly treated as the one right way to do things in their organizations and working environments will constantly repeat it – and will almost certainly miss the key to digital transformation.

The practical personalized approach

Our strength lies in change processes highly tailored to our customers individual needs that aim to leave the organization with work and teamwork that really are different: a new naturalness to cooperation, a more proactive leadership culture, more openness. Here we don’t rely on rehashing some supposedly future-proof generic models, but work closely with you to raise your organization to a new level and to secure the success of what has been achieved. Together. And measurably.

Whether you work with us or find someone else to support your transformation journey, please don’t trust anyone who promises you frictionless, fully controllable change processes. You need friction as a source of energy and creativity. You also need it as a simple indicator of where change is relevant. And a process that has been planned to the last detail from beginning to end has very good chances of staying superficial. It will leave you in your comfort zone.

Future-proof transformation: The human way

What sets our consulting services apart? Our ongoing future research and comprehensive experience in the development of future-proof working environments. Together, we will take developmental steps forward that answer today’s challenges just as successfully as tomorrow’s. And what’s more: Our goal is organizational development that you can directly use to set standards in your company – for your workplace of the future.

We are on the threshold of the human age – and this is precisely the reason we implement technological solutions in our consulting processes as the best way to progressively:

  • Structure teams
  • Gain real-time understanding of the emotions in play
  • Boost team motivation

Here we rely particularly on our partnership with Monday Rocks in Düsseldorf. This shows us how digitalization can serve as a cornerstone even during the development process of realizing the transformation of organizations and making work more deeply human.