Michael Carl, Elena Fricke and Philipp Nilgen are the carl institute for human future. We are futurologists, dialogue leaders and initiators. We understand the transitions to be fluid. Our motivation is the image of the future of mankind and how we begin to shape it. We experience purpose in the collaborative work with our customers and partners.

We are a team of future-oriented, highly specialised and extraordinary personalities with many years of experience in various sectors. Our structure and our network enable us to implement individual and adaptive projects in a focused way. Together we explore, inspire, reflect and support the exponential change of different industries. In doing so, we always focus on people, because they make the difference.

Here we would like to introduce ourselves and look forward to the dialogue with you. Printable portrait pictures of the team and a detailed biography of Michael Carl are available for download in our press service.

Michael Carl – Director

Michael Carl is founder and director of the carl institute for human future in Leipzig. With his institute, he dedicates himself to the question of the future of human beings in the living and working worlds of the coming years. Futurology with a scientific claim provides the work of the institute. He is also the author of extensive studies, trend analyses and several books. Numerous media regularly draw on his expertise. The focus of his research and publications is the view of the human being in a digitalised future.

As a studied theologian and journalist, he worked for many years for the german public broadcaster ARD. He was an editor and presenter, personal assistant to an ARD radio director, built up the strategy department of an ARD station and was responsible for major structural, strategic and HR projects. In various responsible roles, he helped to develop the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank into Europe’s largest independent futurology institute, and has been advising on questions of strategy and organizational development for years. At the same time, he is a much requested keynote speaker on trend and future topics.

Michael Carl has three children and lives in Leipzig.

More about him and press photos can be found here.

Philipp Nilgen – Communications Manager

Philipp Nilgen is Communications Manager at the carl institute for human future. He is driven by the cultivation of dialogue about the future – as interdisciplinary as possible with players from a wide range of disciplines, industries and mindsets. What is our vision of the future? How does it shape our decisions, our future living and working environment? And how do we become more human than before?

The studied literature and information scientist discovered his passion for futurology during his work as an editor in the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank. There, in the so-called Publishing House, he designed the editorial content, publications and external communication of the Futurology Institute, initially under the direction of Michael Carl and later on on his own responsibility. Since mid-2019, he has been responsible for communications at the carl institute for human future. Here Philipp Nilgen promotes and cultivates constructive, public dialogue about the future.

In doing so, he draws on his many years of experience as a communications consultant, which he gained in various communications and PR agencies after studying German in Düsseldorf.

Philipp Nilgen is married and lives in Leipzig.

Elena Fricke – Network

Elena Fricke is Network Manager at the carl institute for human future. With precise intuition, she identifies people who share the mission of the institute and inspires them for collaborative projects. Elena studied English and German language and musicology and she organizes the institute’s exclusive events, creating space for productive discussions.

She sharpened her expertise in future topics at the Leipzig 2b AHEAD ThinkTank, where she worked as Senior Project Manager Events. There, Elena Fricke was responsible for several series of events, linking the topic of the future with dialogue and successfully bringing together many players from different industries. Since mid-2019, she has been cultivating the network of partners and customers of the carl institute for human future. Her drive is to generate enthusiasm for discussions – about the future and the human being we want to be.

She draws on many years of experience as an event manager and has been responsible for various major events for public and private sponsors.

Elena Fricke has one child and lives in Leipzig.